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Analytical Formulae for Lock Levelling and Overtravel – Application to the Kieldrecht Lock (Belgium) 2019
Rigid-Lid LES Predictions of the 3D-Flow in an Open-Channel Confluence with Concordant and Discordant Beds 2019
Comparison of Software for Computation of Longitudinal Forces on a Ship in a Lock Chamber During Levelling with Openings in the Lock Gate 2018
Experimental Study of the Surface Oscillations Induced by a Shallow Flow Past a Lateral Cavity 2018
Fish Behaviour at Navigation Locks: A Question of Personality? 2018
Fish Behaviour in the Vicinity of a Navigation Lock Complex: The Challenges 2018
Observation and Analysis of Long-Periodic Modes in a Confluence with Dominant Tributary Inflow 2018
Modelling of the tributary momentum contribution to predict confluence head losses 2017
A Comparison of SIMPLE Buoyant Jet Models with CFD Analysis of Overflow Dredging Plumes 2016
Closure to “On analytical formulae for navigation lock filling-emptying and overtravel” by LAURENT SCHINDFESSEL, TOM DE MULDER, STEPHAN CREELLE and GERALD A. SCHOHL, J. Hydraulic Res. 53(1), 2015, 134–148 2016
Experimental determination of free surface levels at open-channel junctions 2016
Experimental Investigation of the Influence of Breaking Logs on the Flow Patterns Induced by Lock Filling with Gate Openings 2016
Stilling Basin Design for Inlet Sluice with Vertical Drop Structure: Scale Model Results Vs. Literature Formulae 2016
Influence of Cross-Sectional Shape on Flow Patterns in an Open-Channel Confluence 2015
New methods for ADV measurements of turbulent sediment fluxes – application to a fine sediment plume 2015
On analytical formulae for navigation lock filling–emptying and overtravel 2015
Influence of Hydraulic Resistance on Flow Features in an Open Channel Confluence 2014

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