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An Evaluation of Different Annotation Approaches for Yolov8 Instance Segmentation in UAV Imagery: A Case Study on the UAV-BD Dataset 2024
Evaluation of Segment Anything Model for Riparian Land Cover Classification from Aerial Imagery 2024
The Interchangeability of the Cross-Platform Data in the Deep Learning-Based Land Cover Classification Methodology 2024
Utilizing Smartphone-Derived Photogrammetry 3D Model for AI-Based Riparian Crack Segmentation and Measurement 2024
Using Airborne Lidar Bathymetry-Aided Transfer Learning Method in Riverine Land Cover Classification 2022
Yolov5 Analysis for Juvenile Ayu Detection in Underwater Images of Fishway 2022
Flood Simulation Model Coupled with Woody Vegetation Wash-Out in the Lower Asahi River, Japan 2020
Verification of STIV Analysis of Flood Discharge at Nakano Observatory in the Ota River by Flow Analysis Using ALB Data 2020
Evaluation of Discharge Equation of Lateral Overflow Located in the Curved Part of River 2019
Estimating Flow Resistance by Vegetation in Rivers Using High-Resolution Airborne Laser Bathymetry 2018
Remote Sensing of Morphodynamics and Habitats in Rivers Using Airborne LIDAR Bathymetry 2018
Dam Break Experiment to Characterize Landward Bed Scouring for Coastal Dikes 2016
Forestation C Ontrol Works: Secular Change at the Gion Area in the Asahi River 2016
Improvement of Diversion Weir and Surrounding Vegetation Condition Effects on Diversion Discharge in the Asahi River 2016
Sequential Data Assimilation for Estimating Bed Roughness of Vegetated Flooded Rivers 2016
Study of Tidal Effect on Tsunami Behavior Striking Offshore of Okayama City, Japan 2016
Evaluating Hydrodynamic Forces Acting on a Bridge Under Flooding in Steep Medium and Small Rivers 2014
Hydrodynamic Force on Slopes and Landward Toe Protection Works of Coastal Dikes Caused by Tsunami over Flow 2014
Numerical Simulation of Tsunami Inundation in Okayama City, Japan 2014
Prediction of Forestation Process in the Asahi River, Japan Using a Vegetation Dynamics Model 2014
Inverse Estimation of Flow Resistance of Vegetation in the Asahi River During a Flood 2013
Three-Dimensional Flow Analysis Around Permeable Hydraulic Structure Comprising Connected Stones 2013
Estimation of River Discharge Hydrograph by Using Adjoint Shallow-Water Model 2012
Quasi-3D Flow Solver by CIP-Soroban Scheme and Its Application to Flood Flow in Tone River, Japan 2010
Numerical Prediction of Meandering River Flows by CIP-Soroban Grids in Cylindrical Coordinate System 2007
Direct Numerical Simulation of Two-Fluid System and Its Application to Air-Water Turbulent Flows with Deformed Interfaces 2005

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