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Committee on Ecohydraulics Member 2016-02-01 2020-06-16

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Title Year
2D hydrodynamic modeling for fish habitat assessment of two competing freshwater fish in the Yagawa River 2022
Development of a population dynamics model for dark chub (candidia temminckii) in a small spring-fed river using habitat suitability 2022
Development of a Real-Time Bird Species Identification Algorithm Using Deep Learning 2022
Flow Dependent Dynamics of Microhabitat Patches for Fish Habitat Assessment 2022
Habitat suitability-based effective number as a tool for assessing fish species diversity 2022
Preliminary Application of Instance Segmentation for Monitoring Diurnal Activity of Freshwater Fish 2022
On the Distribution of Salinity and Fish Species in a Channel Network in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam 2020
Habitat evaluation for the endangered fish species Lefua echigonia in the Yagawa River, Japan 2019
International contributions in advancing ecohydraulics 2019
Application of Sefa, System for Environmental Flow Analysis, to Assess the Habitat Availability for Competing Fish Species in a Spring-Fed Urban Stream in Tokyo, Japan 2018
Expert-Knowledge or Data-Driven Fuzzy Models? A Comparison Employing the Brown Trout (Salmo Trutta L. ) 2018
Fish Habitat Assessment Based on Instream Flow Conditions and Aquatic Vegetation Assemblage 2018
Fish Species Turnover Along Hydraulic Heterogeneities: Designing Environmental Flows for Species Co-Existence in an Irrigation Channel Network 2018
Importance of Small Streams: Four-Year Monitoring of Instream Flow and Fish Fauna in an Irrigation Channel 2018
Microhabitat Modelling for an Endangered Freshwater Fish, Lufua Echigonia, in a Spring-Fed Urban Stream 2017
Short-Term Prediction of Chlorophyll-a in a Eutrophic Closed Water Body Using Chaos Recurrent Neural Network 2014

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