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Committee Name Position Start Date End Date
Committee on Hydraulic Structures Chair 2023-09-09 Now
IAHR Council Technical Committee Chair 2023-09-09 Now
Committee on Hydraulic Structures Vice Chair 2021-07-15 2023-09-09
Committee on Hydraulic Structures Member 2017-08-22 2021-07-15

My Papers and Presentations

Title Year
Effects of Wall Roughness on Air-Water Flow Properties of Low-Level Outlets 2023
Investigating Safe Fish Travel in Pipe Flows 2023
Time-Varying Hydraulic Properties on Grassed Spillways Due to Erosion 2023
Australian Native Fish Attracted by Jet Flows into Tube Fishways 2022
Lifting Fish Across Barriers with the Tube Fishway: Lessons from the Laboratory 2022
Hydraulic Structures at a Crossroads Towards the SDGs 2021
An experimental study of air–water flows in hydraulic jumps on flat slopes 2020
Can we improve the non-intrusive characterization of high-velocity air–water flows? Application of LIDAR technology to stepped spillways 2020
Free-Surface Mapping of Air-Water Flows in a Stilling Basin 2020
Laboratory testing of an innovative tube fishway concept 2020
Leveraging Event Detection Techniques and Cross-Correlation Analysis for Phase-Detection Probe Measurements in Turbulent Air-Water Flows 2020
Measuring Internal Forces in a Hydraulic Jump with a Load Cell 2019
Opportunities of Lidar Measurements in Air-Water Flows 2019
Which Phase-Detection Intrusive Probe to Use in High-Velocity Air-Water Flows? 2019
LIDAR Measurements of Free-Surface Profiles and Turbulent Scales in a Hydraulic Jump 2018
Air-Water Flow Properties in Hydraulic Jumps on a Positive Slope 2017
An Experimental Study of the Hydraulic Performance of a Buoyancy-Automated Tidal Gate 2017
Pressure, Velocity and Boundary Layer Distributions on an Embankment Weir 2015
Scale Effects in High-Velocity Air-Water Flows on a Stepped Spillway 2015
Energy Dissipation on Embankment Dam Stepped Spillways, Overflow Stepped Weirs and Masonry Stepped Spillways 2010
Energy Dissipation and Residual Energy on Embankment Dam Stepped Spillways 2009

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