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Committee Name Position Start Date End Date
Committee on Ice Research and Engineering Co-opted 2022-08-18 Now
IAHR Council Technical Committee Chair 2021-07-07 2022-08-18
IAHR Council Member 2021-07-07 2022-08-18
Committee on Ice Research and Engineering Chair 2018-06-10 2022-08-18

My Papers and Presentations

Title Year
On the use of drift ice thickness statistics from a Copernicus reanalysis product for fatigue damage calculation 2022
Ice Properties in ISO 19906's Second Edition 2020
Scale-Model Ridges and Interaction with Narrow Structures, Part 1 Overview and Scaling 2020
An Experimental Study of Saline Ice Growth 2018
Probabilistic Assessment of Ice Environment and Ridge Loads for the Norstromsgrund Lighthouse 2018
Strain-Controlled Cyclic Compression of Sea Ice 2018
Thermodynamics and Consolidation of Fresh Ice Ridges for Different Scale and Configuration 2018
Effects of the Observational Footprint on the Ice Thickness Distribution 2016
FEM-CEL Simulations of Full Scale and Model Scale Punch Tests on Ice Rubble with the Modified Cam Clay Model 2016
Laboratory Work on Heat Transfer in Submerged Ice, Theory, Experimental Setup and Results 2016
Experimental Investigations of the Energy Absorption Capacity of Ice During Crushing: Is the Specific Energy Scale Independent? 2014
Ice Ridge Characteristics and Engineering Concerns Regarding Ice Ridges 2014
Laboratory Oedometer Tests on Rubble Ice 2014
Mechanical Behaviour of Laboratory Made Freeze-Bonds as a Function of Submersion Time, Initial Ice Temperature and Sample Size 2014
Reduction in the Number and Draft of Ridges in the Transpolar Drift in the Fram Strait During 2006-2011 2014
Cohesive Zone Method Based Simulations of Ice Wedge Bending: A Comparative Study of Element Erosion, CEM, DEM and XFEM 2012
Ice Ridge Identification Methods and Analysis of Upward Looking Sonar Data from Fram Strait 2006-2010 2012
One Season of a 1st Year Sea Ice Ridge investigation–Winter 2009 2010
Physical and Mechanical Investigations of Sea Ice Ridges in Late Summer in the Fram Strait 2010
Thermal Aspects of Model Basin Ridges 2010
Comparison of Physical and Mechanical Properties of Coastal Ice and Level Ice 2008
Experimental Study on Friction Between Saline Ice and Steel 2008
Properties of Sea Currents Around Ridged Ice in the Barents Sea 2008
The Consolidation in Second- and Multi-Year Sea Ice Ridges, Part I: Measurements in Early Winter 2008
The Consolidation in Second- and Multi-Year Sea Ice Ridges, Part II: Review and Speculations 2008
Mechanical Properties of Ice Ridges and Level Ice, in-Situ and Laboratory Testing 2003 2004

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