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World Directory of Water Engineering and Research Institutes | 2023 Edition

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  • ISBN: 978-90-833476-8-4
  • Publisher: International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research -IAHR-
  • Editor(s): Luis Balairon
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The IAHR’s World Directory of Water Engineering and Research Institutes provides a listing of surveyed institutes. As a digital version, it is intended to grow as more institutions volunteer information to this important database.

Published for the first time in the 60s, at a time where numerical modelling was in its infancy, the first edition (1971) of the Directory focused mainly on institutes understanding, designing, and improving aspects of societal physical infrastructure. A second edition (1987) gave efficient data about facilities and capabilities of hydraulic research organizations throughout the world and about the general scope of the activities of each. A third edition, published in 2012, included a much-wider range of information (research, projects, collaborations, human resources, business issues, etc.) together with thoughts on future trends in water research and its technical applications.

This new edition lists the main characteristics of the engineering and research institutions for the following purposes:

·       Facilitate collaboration and cooperation between these institutions and stakeholders in the water sector and with the public and private water sector.

·       Help institutes knowledge transfer and dissemination.

·       Increase the visibility of activities developed by the institutes.

·       Support connectivity among researchers, engineers, practitioners, innovators and young professionals seeking to advance their careers in the field of hydro-environment engineering and research.

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