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IAHR Strategic Plan 2024-2027

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Faced with multiple socio-economic and environmental pressures, transformation is rapidly reshaping the world we live in today 

These challenges are being driven by vulnerability to climate uncertainty; increase in water demand caused by rapid population growth and the rise of modern urban environments; degradation of the quality of rivers, lakes and aquifers; competition among usages; and economic and geopolitical factors. These challenges are also accompanied by opportunities such as disruptive advances in technology and digital solutions. 

Water engineering underpins and impacts almost every aspect of our lives. It gives rise to options and solutions for improved policy settings, economic growth, as well as physical, social, and environmental well-being as we strive for global water security. As countries accelerate the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals [SDG], the most critical and the costliest solutions all involve water infrastructure, technologies, and innovations.

Hydro-environment engineering and research is about expanding our knowledge about water flow and management in engineered structures and natural water bodies and the use and application of such knowledge to serve society and protect the environment.

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29815 IAHR Strategic Plan 2024-2027

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