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Proceedings of the 2nd Symposium on Flood Defence (Beijing, 2002)

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ID Title Authors Year
16384 Study on the Model for Mitigating Urban Storm Water Disasters
Yuwen Zhou
16385 Study on Decision Support System of City Intelligent Flood Control and Disaster Reduction Based on GIS
Denghua Zhong; Junai Yan; Jing Wei
16386 Study on Decision-Making and Alternative Optimum of Urban Flood Control and Disaster Reduction
Junai Yan; Denghua Zhong; Liqin Cheng; Xiaoping Liang
16387 Invited Lecture: Design and Development of Reservoir Flood Forecast and Control System Software in China
Shenglian Guo; Dingzhi Peng; Jinxing Wang; Dingfang Li; Honggang Zhang; Pan Liu
16388 Floods, New Design-Flood Criteria and Dam Refurbishment in Sweden
James Yang; Patrik Andreasson; Malte Cederstrom
16389 Rational Management of Mountain Reservoirs Taking into Consideration Changeability of Suspended Sediment Run-Off
Grigol Matcharadze
16390 Knowledge-Based Decision Support System for Reservoir Operation with Knowledge Acquisition Process on Flood Prediction and Risk Accuracy
Toshiharu Kojiri; Shintaro Hanatani
16391 Hydraulic Dam Safety from the Viewpoint of Gate and Valve Operation
Helmut Martin; Reinhard Pohl
16392 Reservoirs Silting up by Sediments Transported by Floods
Newton De Oliveira Carvalho; Luiz Guilherme Guilhon; Pedro Agostinho Trindade
16393 Discussion of Flood Condition Assessment for the Cascading Reservoirs in the Second Songhua River Basin
Shichun Gao; Yadong Mei; Huiyuan Chen; Dongxu Jia; Jielian Cui; Yaping Song

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