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Proceedings of the 2nd Symposium on Flood Defence (Beijing, 2002)

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16218 Keynote Lecture: Urban Flood Control in Hong Kong -- Challenges and Solutions
Joseph H. W. Lee; N. R. Townsend; K. C. Ng
16219 Invited Lecture: Reliability-Based Design of Flood Defences
J. K. Vrijling; H. G. Voortman
16220 Natural Disasters, Human Vulnerability, and Global Change: A Framework for Analysis
Erich J. Plate
16221 Risk of Flooding and Insurance in the Netherlands
M. Kok; J. K. Vrijling; P. H. A. J. M. Van Gelder; M. P. Vogelsang
16222 Increased Flood Risk on the Lower Yellow River Due to Upstream Water Use
Xuejun Shao; Hong Wang
16223 Risk Assessment and Zoning of Flood Damage Caused by Heavy Rainfall in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan
Jiquan Zhang; Norio Okada; Hirokazu Tatano; Seiji Hayakawa
16224 Flood Risk Mapping and Control of Development in Floodplains in the UK
Sun Yan Evans; Don Moore; Patrick Butcher
16225 Introduction of Zoning Methods of Flood Risk -- Selected Basin-Wide Flood Risk Delineation Cases
Gun Jefferson; Liyun Xiang
16226 Effects of the Uncertainties of the Model and Parameter Estimation for the Calculation Precision of Design Flood-Control Storage
Yuanfang Chen; Shenghua Gu; Pieter H. A. J. M. Van Gelder
16227 Study on the Application of Compound Poisson Model to the over-Standard Flood Risk Analysis of Flood Control System
Xiang Zhang; Yongqin Chen; Jun Xia; Gangsheng Wang

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