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Proceedings of the 2nd Symposium on Flood Defence (Beijing, 2002)

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ID Title Authors Year
16238 The Holistic Approach to Flood Management
Kamran Mi; S. A. Chavoshian
16239 Research on Sustainable Strategy for Flood Defense and Mitigation of Dongting Lake
Guangming Zeng; Shoufu Zhang; Hua Zhang; Xiao Luo; Hongwei Lu; Gorden Huang; Jianbing Li
16240 Planning of Runoff Retarding Measures at the Watershed Scale Using Genetic Algorithms
Chao-Hsien Liaw; Yao-Lung Tsai; Wen-Chiang Wang; Ming-Li Lan
16241 A Spatio-Temporal View of Indian Floods: Their Impact and Strategies for Their Mitigation
G. S. Chauhan
16242 Study on the Water Allocation Scheme of the Yellow River in Non-Flood Season
Xiaolin Wang; Guangqian Wang
16243 Optimising Flood Defence Strategies and Nature Rehabilitation in the Dutch River Rhine Branches Using a Genetic Algorithm
N. Douben; H. Goossens; H. Van Den Boogaard
16244 Dimensions and Operation of Retention Basins for Flood Defence
C. B. Vreugdenhil
16245 An Integrated Approach to Flood Damage Mitigation of Flood Plains
Yadong Mei
16246 Research on Economic Compensation Policy for Special Detention Basin in the East Tiaoxi River
Chunlai Wang
16247 A Few Thoughts on Yangtze River Flood Control
Yonghe Li

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