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Proceedings of the 2nd Symposium on Flood Defence (Beijing, 2002)

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ID Title Authors Year
16268 Simulation and Prediction of Runoff with Neural Network Techniques
Xiekang Wang; Zixiang Zhang; Shuyou Cao; Duo Fang
16269 Flood Prediction with the Wet Spa Model on Catchment Scale
Yongbo Liu; Seifu Gebremeskel; Florimond De Smedt; Laurent Pfister
16270 Hydraulic Features of the Venice Lagoon Drainage Basin
Vincenzo Bixio
16271 Derivation of Dimensionless Hydrograph for Flood Prediction at Ungaged Watersheds
Ivan Muzik
16272 Study on L-Moment Estimation Method for P-III Distribution with Historical Flood
Yuanfang Chen; Ling Wang; Zhigui Sha; Jianchi Chen; Min Chen
16273 Cause Analysis of the Exceptional Flood Water Elevation Rise in the Hinterland of Pearl River Delta
Wengen Liao; Jing Peng
16274 The Probable Maximum Precipitation for Western Nepal
Janak Lal Nayava; Ehud Simon
16275 Linear and Non-Linear Information Flows in Space-Time Rainfall
Annalisa Molini; Paolo La Barbera; Luca G. Lanza
16276 Weighted Fuzzy C-Means Method and Comparison of Some Methods for Classification of Hydrological Homogeneous Regions
Jingyi Zhang
16277 A Comparison of Space-Time Scaling in High Intensity Storms Selected from GATE and TOGA-COARE Datasets
Roberto Deidda; Maria Grazia Badas; Enrico Piga

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