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Proceedings of the 2nd Symposium on Flood Defence (Beijing, 2002)

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16288 Flood Control Dykes in the Upper Yangtze River, China
Shuyou Cao; Xingnian Liu; Shibing Hui
16289 The Bergambacht Deformation Prototype Experiment in a Broader Perspective
Gijs J. C. M. Hoffmans; Andre R. Koelewijn
16290 How to Eliminate a Hydraulic Bottleneck: Nijmegen, the First Example in the Netherlands
Jos S. L. J. Van Alphen
16291 Effects of Suspension-Type Cutoff Walls on Seepage Flow Under Levees
Chang-Xi Mao; Xiang-Bao Duan; Pei-Yu Mao
16292 The Co-Relationship of Conductivity and Geotechnical Parameters of Yaodi Dike of Hanjiang River
Chungang Fang; Yongmei Jia; Huaiguang Ge; Xiaowen Zhou; Changyu Wu
16293 Flooding Risk Based Optimum Design of Dikes on the Fushui River
Na Li; Jianhe Huang
16294 Application of Construction Technique of Thin Diaphragm Wall by Grab-Drill Excavating Trench Process in Seepage Control of the Dike Foundation of Yangtze River
Jinjie Zhang
16295 Experimental Study on Rock Revetment at River Bends for Bank Protection
Mao Peiyu
16296 Inflatable Tube Barrier for Temporary Flood Protection
Sigurd Melin
16297 Detection of Defects in Dikes by Frequency Domain Electro-Magnetic Sounding
Chungang Fang; Yongmei Jia; Huaiguang Ge; Ying Lu; Zhiquan Ke

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