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Proceedings of the 2nd Arabian Coast (Oman, 2010)

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ID Title Authors Year
20010 Monitoring the Coasts Around Taipei Harbour Using a Marine Radar
John Z. Yim; W. -K. Weng; W.-P. Huang
20011 On the Assessment of Impacts of Interrupting Longshore Sand Transport on the Oman Coast
Mohammad Dibajnia; Robert Nairn; Andrew Mcgillis; Stijn Delaure
20012 The Use of Three Dimensional Hydraulic and Water Quality Models to Assist in the Sustainable Management of Aquaculture Operations in the Red Sea, Saudi Arabia
Michael Barry; Frederic Millet; Fanny Houdre; Tony Mc Alister; Daniel Botelho
20013 Low Wake Wash Boat Design for Coastal Region
M. P. Abdul Ghani; P. A. Wilson
20014 Stability Formula and Numerical Model for Structures Made with Geotextile Sand Containers Used for Coastal Stabilization
Juan Recio; Hocine Oumeraci; Gary Mocke
20015 Characteristics of Shoreline Changes in Artificial Headland Coast
Mikio Sasaki
20016 Design Optimisation of the Coastguard Harbour at Sidab (Oman) Through Numerical Modelling of Waves, Tides and Water Quality
M. A. Sarker; M. Adams; A. Sleigh; Alistair Reid; Khalid Al Shabibi
20017 Flood Simulation in Coastal Urban Areas with Tidal Effects
T. I. Eldho; D. V. S. Nunna
20018 Extreme Waves for Different Return Periods in the Arabian Gulf – Effect of Threshold Value in the Peak over Threshold Analysis
S. Neelamani
20019 Long Term Wave Height Based on 12 Year and 15 Year Data in the Arabian Gulf
S. Neelamani; K. Rakha; K. Al-Salem

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