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Proceedings of the 2nd Arabian Coast (Oman, 2010)

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20040 Failure During Cyclone Gonu and Reconstruction of the Fort Jalali Revetment, Oman
Ridha Bentiba; Ian Cruickshank; Shadhan Ahmed Hilal Al Khalili
20041 Proposed Protection System Against Jellyfish Ingress in Power and Desalination Plants
Mohamed K. Elkamash; Mahad S. Baawain
20042 Responsible Fishing in India After Tsunami: Self Induced Conservation Package Initiatives from Fisherfolk
S. Premjith
20043 Impact of Water Quality Changes on Harbour Environment Due to Port Activities Along the West Coast of India
P. V. Shirodkar; U. K. Pradhan; P. Vethamony
20044 Taluka Level Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) and Vulnerability Mapping for Oil Spills: A Pilot Study from Goa State, India
R. Mani Murali.; Rohan Kumar; P. Vethamony.
20045 Experimental Study on the Effect of Nearshore Oil Spill on Beaches and the Mitigation by Oil Mineral Aggregation (OMA)
R. Samuel Devadoss; S. A. Sannasiraj; K. Murali
20046 Effect of Effluent Discharges to Pomfret Fish: An Indicator to Marine Pollution in Kuwait
Ah Bu-Olayan; And Bv Thomas
20047 A CORMIX Model Study of an Effluent Plume from a Marine Oufall at Minal Al Fahal, Oman
Anton Purnama; Baawainyvb Sarma
20048 Sea Water Intrusion Mapping Using GALDIT Model
S. M. Yadav; B. K. Samtani; H. D. Vasava
20049 Investigations of the Storm Surges in Closed Basins (Case Study of the Sea of Azov)
B. V. Divinsky; S. B. Kuklev; O. N. Kukleva

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