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Proceedings of the Online Youth Water Congress

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  • ISBN: 978-960-243-729-2
  • Publisher: UNESCO Centre on Integrated and Multidisciplinary Water Resources Management (CIMWRM)
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The online Youth Water Congress held between 6-8 April 2022. It is co-organized by the UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Hydrological Programme (IHP) together with UNESCO Centre on Integrated and Multidisciplinary Water Resources Management (CIMWRM), hosted by the International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research (IAHR), the Aristotle University (AUTh), and the Youth Delegates to the World Water Council (YDWWC). 

More than 650 attendees from 84 countries, 17 mentors from 15 countries, as well as 5 keynote experts contributed with their innovative ideas, experience, and knowledge. These e-proceedings include fifty-two (52) extended abstracts of 169 authors

The past years are characterized by significant changes in planning, design and management of water resources all over the planet. Structural changes, demographic alterations, technological breakthroughs, expanding populations, climate shifts, demands, the energy crisis, the water crisis, the pandemic and also war all around us set the current scene of complexity, uncertainty and interdependence we are experiencing. All, highlight a pressing need to develop alternative schemes for managing in an integrated way the scarce natural (water) resources. 

ID Title Authors Year
20637 Evaluation of Aksu Stream Water Quality Under the Influence of Anthropogenic Pollution and Climate Change
S. Tuzun Dugan; A. Uslu; P. Orhan; A. Muhammetoglu; M. Yesiltas; M. A. T. Kocer; H. Muhammetoglu
20638 Urban Floods: The Microbial Risks to Human Health
S. Scutt; J. Shucksmith; H. S. Jensen; J. Diaz-Nieto; I. Douterelo Soler
20639 Communicate Science and Policy: The Making of Boundary Work in Wash Project
Ap. Imawan; D. Prasongko
20640 Resilience of Urban Water Supply Systems to Climate Change in Cameroonian Cities
Suiven John Paul Tume
20641 From Monitoring Pollutants Dynamics in the Catchment to the Development of Ecohydrological Nature-Based Solutions
P. Jarosiewicz; M. Zalewski
20642 Assessment of Climate Change Impact on Surface Water Regime in Serbia
B. Radivojevic; A. Ilic; D. Radivojevic; M. Gocic
20643 The Impact of SUDS Implementation in the Water Metabolism of an Urban Catchment
L. G. F. Alves; M. E. Veiga; C. O. Galvao
20644 Eco-Hydrology for Sustainable Water Resources Management and Climate Change Adaptation: A Need for Intensive Youth Mobilization
A. Raphael
20645 Risk Assessment of Flooding Prevention in Construction Works at Balearic Islands, Spain
M. Llatas
20646 Study on Post Environmental, Economical and Socio-Cultural Effects to the Sri Lankan Western Coastal Belt Due to X-Press Pearl Disaster
V. G. S. Lakshan; T. D. Denagama

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