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Hydrolink 2020-2 Hydraulic Transients

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  • ISSN Print: 1388-3445
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  • Editor(s): Angelos Findikakis
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This issue of Hydrolink includes eight articles on different aspects of research and practice in hydraulic transients in urban and industrial systems. Hydraulic transients result from sudden changes in flow conditions in pipeline systems due to the planned or accidental closure/opening of valves or the starting/stopping of pumps or hydraulic turbines. These sudden changes can cause pressure waves through the system and pressure spikes generated by column separation and rejoining.

Guest editor: Hamid Bashiri. Bechtel, USA

ID Title Authors Year
7425 A Look at Selected Ongoing Work on Hydraulic Transients in Closed Conduits
Hamid Bashiri, Angelos Findikakis
20140 Full Issue of Hydrolink 2020-02 Hydraulic Transients
Angelos N. Findikakis; Hamid Bashiri; Arris Tijsseling; Bryan W. Karney; M.Hanif Chaudhry; David Ferras; Frank A. Hamill; Elena Pummer; Silvia Meniconi; Daniel Allasia; et al.

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