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Hydrolink 2022-3 Climate Change

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  • ISBN: 1388-3445
  • Publisher: IAHR
  • Editor(s): Angelos N. Findikakis; Roberto Ranzi
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Every day there are stories in the news directly or indirectly related to climate change. Even though it is not possible to attribute specific extreme events just to climate change, their increasing frequency and intensity suggest a trend in several meteorological and hydrological variables which is becoming evident even to the most ardent climate change skeptics. Recent examples are the devasting flooding in Pakistan and the catastrophic impact of hurricane Ian in Florida.

Water is at the center of many of the consequences of climate change. The current issue of Hydrolink includes several articles on different aspects of the work of the hydro-environment community on climate change issues.

ID Title Authors Year
21850 Full Issue_Hydrolink_2022_3_Climate_Change
Multiple authors
21851 Editorial
Angelos N. Findikakis; Roberto Ranzi
21852 Table of contents
Editorial Board
21853 Climate Change Impact, adaptation and mitigation in the water sector: new hints from the IPCC AR6
Roberto Ranzi
21854 Climate change projections for impact and adaptation studies at the urban watershed scale
Van-Thanh-Van Nguyen; Giorgi Filippo
21855 How does climate change affect ice formation and presence in rivers, lakes and oceans, as well as its impact on infrastructure
Knut Alfredsen; Robert Bridges; Hayo Hendrikse; Knut Vilhelm Høyland; Tomasz Kolerski; Matti Leppäranta; Lu Peng; Xinlei Guo
21856 Development of renewable energy systems to moderate climate change impacts
Jonathan Kai Ernn Gan; Taikan Oki; Thian Yew Gan; Yiping Guo
21857 Fluid mechanics for carbon reduction in wastewater treatment plants
Joseph H W Lee; Q S Qiao; David K W Choi; Henry K M Chau
21858 Monitoring and communication technologies for climate change
Ibrahim Demir; Gabriele Freni
21859 39th IAHR World Congress Report 19-24 June 2022, Granada, Spain
Miguel Ortega Sánchez

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