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Approach of Remote Sensing-Based Evapotranspiration (ET) Model in Korea

Author(s): Minha Choi; Tae Woong Kim; Mi Seon Lee; Seong Joon Kim; Jin Woo Lee; Yong-Sik Cho; Jong-Kyu Lee

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Keywords: Evapotranspiration; METRIC; Spatial and temporal scales; Surface fluxes

Abstract: Reliable characterization of evapotranspiration (ET) over a range of spatial and temporal scales is critical for many applications in hydrology, eco-hydrology, meteorology, climatology, and agriculture. However, reliable estimation is hindered by the complexity and heterogeneity for the land-atmosphere interactions and land surface states. Few studies have attempted to develop remote sensing-based ET model to provide greater insight for quantification of surface energy balance in Korea. In this study, new remote sensing-based ET model, namely, Mapping Evapo Transpiration at High Resolution using Internalized Calibration (METRIC), was used to investigate a possibility for estimation of spatially distributed surface fluxes maps including ET at high spatial resolution in Korea. The validation of calculated ET was conducted using measurement of pan evaporation in weather station. The average of the calculated ET over the entire study area was 3.69 mm/day and measured pan evaporation was 3.22 mm/day. The calculated surface fluxes maps including ET map seemed reasonable patterns. Beyond these initial preliminary results, validation analyses are now being conducted in further and in-depth manners.


Year: 2010

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