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3D Numerical Prediction Method for Floating Objects in Free-Surface Flows

Author(s): S. Ushijima; A. Fukutani; O. Makino; N. Kuroda

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Keywords: Floating object; Free-surface flow; Fluid-solid interaction; Collision detection; Driftwood; T-type model; MICS

Abstract: A computational method was developed to predict the movements of floating objects transported with collisions in three-dimensional free-surface flows. A T-type solid model was proposed to represent the objects and it was implemented in our prediction method, MICS, which enables us to deal with the free-surface flow including solid objects with a multiphase model. In the T-type model, a floating object is represented by multiple tetrahedron elements and its volume, mass and inertia tensors are evaluated with these elements. The contact forces due to the collisions of T-type models are calculated with the contact-detection spheres (CDS) distributed near the object surfaces on the basis of a distinct element method (DEM). The MICS with the T-type model was applied to some theoretical and experimental results. As a result, it was demonstrated that the behaviors of floating objects are reasonably predicted with the present method.


Year: 2010

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