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Assessment of Uncertainty of Design Rainfall Event in Hydrologic Engineering Applications

Author(s): Yeou-Koung Tung; C. L. Wong

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Keywords: Design rainfall; Rainfall IDF; Uncertainty analysis

Abstract: Hydrologic engineering designs and analyses often require the specification of design storm for input which involves rainfall amount, duration, and hyetograph. In practice, determination of design rainstorm in hydrologic engineering application involves frequency analysis of extreme rainfall events of varying durations and establishment of rainfall hyetograph for the design event considered. There exist sampling errors associated with the magnitudes of estimated rainfall quantiles from frequency analysis which, in turn, would be transmitted through the process of determining the design rainfall hyetograph. This paper presents a practical methodology based on the bootstrap re-sampling scheme to assess uncertainty associated with the magnitudes of estimated rainfall quantiles and the corresponding design hyetographs on the basis of rainfall intensity-duration-frequency relation. The re-sampling scheme is modified to handle unequal record length of annual maximum rainfall series of different durations and to account for their intrinsic correlations.


Year: 2010

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