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Flood Flow Simulation in the Case of Lack of Both Upstream and Downstream Boundary Conditions

Author(s): Takashi Hosoda; Shinichiro Onda; Takahiro Murakami; M. Iwata; Y. Shibayama; Puay How Tion

Linked Author(s): How Tion Puay, Shinichiro Onda

Keywords: Flood flow; Computational hydraulics; Open channel flows

Abstract: In this study, we proposed the computational method to reproduce the previous flood flows without both of upstream and downstream boundary conditions and considering only the available data at one middle site between upstream and downstream boundaries. Based on the theory of the method of characteristics (MOC), it is shown that unsteady flows during flood events can be reproduced numerically in the whole river course by using the data observed at only one middle site, if we compare the numerical results to observed ones on not only depth (or water level) but also time-derivatives of depth hydrograph. Then, the proposed computational method is applied to the flood flow in a model channel and is verified by comparing the reproduced boundary conditions and the reference data.


Year: 2010

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