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Integrated Flood Management: A Case Study

Author(s): Homayoon Sabbaghzadeh; Ali Moridi; Mohammad Zakermoshfegh

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Keywords: Integrated Flood Management; Flood Warning System; Water Dispatching; Karkheh

Abstract: The aim of this study is to utilize the Flood water potential as an opportunity to approach IFM in the case study. Flood forecasting and early warning that are key inputs for the reduction of the social and economic impact of all natural hazards are considered. Developed flood management strategies involve a combination of complementary options. An appropriate combination of structural and non-structural control options is proposed considering an economic analysis. In this paper in order to achieve the aim, certain short, mid and long term plans in the case study are proposed for an appropriate planning of flood events. The long term plans are included with some structural flood control options such as the construction of reservoirs and by supporting the flood plains with the construction of levees. The characteristics of these options are determined based on the economic optimization considering the construction cost and damage reduction with different flood events probability. Mid term plans include dredging and modification of the river bank, and agricultural land use planning for different crop patterns. These plans are recommended based on forecasting the probable floods using the Iran Meteorological Organization data which is not discussed in this paper. Emergency responses such as alarm to the residential regions, management of reservoir flood control volume and using sand bag and protection of river banks by sand bags are samples of short term plans. These plans are based on the developed flood warning system using the information received from the weather and hydrometric stations. The HEC-HMS model is used for simulation of a flood hydrograph based on observed precipitation in online meteorological stations. For flood routing along the river and floodplains, the HEC-RAS simulation model is used. Then certain permanent and emergency flood control options are examined for flood damage reduction. The results show the significant value of the proposed planning schemes.


Year: 2010

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