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An Investigation into the Behaviour of a Jet at an Oblique Angle to a Cross-Flow

Author(s): Eric Scheepbouwer; Mark J. Davidson; Roger I. Nokes

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Keywords: Oblique discharges; Experimental data; Strongly-advected flows

Abstract: We present the initial results of an experimental investigation into the behaviour of nonbuoyant oblique discharges in a moving ambient fluid. Light Attenuation techniques are employed to measure integrated concentration profiles and trajectory data. The experiments are focused on determining the nature of the discharge in the strongly-advected region and its dependence on the initial discharge angle. Previous research has indicated that for discharge angles less than 20 degrees the flow in the strongly-advected region resembles a Gaussian weak jet and for discharge angles larger than 40 degrees the flow resembles an advected line momentum puff. However, for flows released at discharge angles between 20°and 40°, the research could not clearly identify the formation of either flow type. A series of experiments has been conducted with initial discharge angles, relative to the ambient velocity direction, of28.9, 39.0 and 47.6 degrees and initial results from these experiments are presented in this paper.


Year: 2010

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