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Longshore Sediment Transport and Shoreline Evolution Along Coast of South Chennai, India

Author(s): P. K. Suresh; V. Sundar; S. A. Sannasiraj; A. Selvarajah

Linked Author(s): S.A. Sannasiraj

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Abstract: The study region of 30km length is located along the coast of Chennai city on the south east coast of India. The coast is known to have predominant littoral drift. The coast has been undergoing developmental activities like construction of new satellite port at Ennore, expansion of Chennai port and construction of groynes at Cooum estuary near Marina. These resulted in morphological changes along the coast. The present study focuses on these morphological changes. Accordingly, the study consists of analysis of the existing field data, modelling of shoreline changes and prediction of littoral drift. Initially field observations like beach width changes, beach profile surveys and sediment samplings were made. The wave climate has been generated using MIKE21 OSW model. A one-line model was developed to predict the shoreline changes and predictions were made with transport coefficients arrived from CERC (1984), Kamphuis (1986) and Van Rijn (2001). Comparison with the field measurements and satellite imageries shows the prediction by Kamphuis (1986) and Van Rijn (2001) are reasonably agreeing with the observations. The net annual littoral drift by both methods works out to be 0.3 million m 3 towards north. The details of the littoral drift, observations, and shoreline predictions are explained


Year: 2010

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