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Sediment Transport Measurements in the Schelde-Estuary: How Do Acoustic Backscatter, Optical Transmission and Direct Sampling Compare?

Author(s): S. Thant; Y. Plancke; S. Claeys

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Abstract: Measuring sediment transport remains one of the most challenging aspects in river engineering. In 2014, Flanders Hydraulics Research performed several field measurement campaigns in the Schelde-estuary. The goal of these campaigns was to gather datasets for numerical model (Delft3D and Telemac-suites) validation of sediment transport and to increase our system understanding. During these campaigns both optical and acoustic measurement techniques were used. Differences in sediment concentration patterns were found between different techniques. In 2015 a specific field campaign was organized to calibrate both the acoustic backscatter signal (Nortek Aqua Dopp) and the optical transmission signal (LISST-100X), while collecting multiple water and sediment samples using pump samplers and a water trap. A good agreement was found between measured sediment concentration from the direct samplers and the acoustic backscatter and LISST-100X data. Although, differences can occur, most likely because of the sand-silt rate changes, the presence of flocs and the accuracy of the instruments.


Year: 2016

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