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Effects of Changes in Flow Velocity on the Phytobenthic Biofilm Below a Small Scale Low Head Hydropower Scheme

Author(s): L. O'Keefe; S. Ilic

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Abstract: This study presents a spatial analysis of physical and biotic river conditions below a low head hydro scheme in the River Goyt, UK. The overall aim was to assess whether changes in localized hydrological features, introduced by low head hydro, affect phytobenthic biomass. Single point and profile measurements of flow velocity and velocity vectors, elevation, depth and biofilm biomass were mapped. Results showed evidence of high flow velocity on the hydro side of the river and low flow velocity on the non-hydro side of the river. A number of distinct hydrological and morphological features were defined. Biofilm biomass appeared lower on the hydro side of the channel but no obvious relationship with flow velocity was observed. Future analysis will include evaluation of phytobenthic species on either side of the river channel and an investigation into the combined effects of a number of variables on phytobenthic biomass.


Year: 2016

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