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Long-Term Evaluation of the Wave Climate and Energy Potential in the Mediterranean Sea

Author(s): George Lavidas; Vengatesan Venugopal; Atul Agarwal

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Abstract: Waves are characterised by high energy density content, able to provide significant renewable energy contribution. Identification of wave energy potential locations around Europe can provide significant benefits for application of wave energy converters (WECs). While the highest resources are placed in the open Atlantic coastlines of Europe that does not exclude the fact that wave energy can provide significant contributions to the rest of Europe. To support such claims, a detail resource assessment has to be in place to characterize the resource. Stateof-the-art resource assessments provide a tool that can identify trends in the resource and proper evaluation of production, based on such long-term data allows robust financial and engineering decisions. In addition, the results can also be used for climate investigations, extreme value analysis, site characterization, and information concerning a variety of offshore activities. This study investigates the metocean conditions of the Mediterranean Sea and assesses the levels of energy around the Basin. Hidden opportunities lay in both energetic and milder wave environments with each having each own benefits and drawbacks, in terms of capital costs required and energy production. The results from the hindcast underwent a detailed annual, seasonal, and decadal analysis. Furthermore, potential benefits of wave energy converters (WECs), are assessed in terms of energy production, adaptability, and final considerations for site selection are discussed.


Year: 2016

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