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River Flow Analysis with Adjoints -- an Efficient, Universal Methodology to Quantify Spatial Interactions and Sensitivities

Author(s): U. H. Merkel; J. Riehme; U. Naumann

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Abstract: The TELEMAC-SUITE with Algorithmic Differentiation (TELEMAC-AD) quantifies the impact of very high numbers of spatially distributed parameters on flow related problems in one step. This technique is a revolutionary step forward in open channel flow simulations, as it solves previously unsolvable or computationally very expensive problems. Classic simulation methods return the combined impact of many parameters, whereas the adjoint version of TELEMAC-2D returns the individual influence of every single parameter in one run. A wide range of new applications is now possible on basis of well validated source code: Automatic optimization and calibration of flow relevant shapes, data assimilation, high resolution sensitivity analysis or deciphering of superimposing flow effects.


Year: 2016

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