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Comparative Use of FVM and Integral Approach for Computation of Water Flow in a Coiled Pipe and a Surge Tank

Author(s): Muris Torlak; Berin Seta; Adis Bubalo

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Abstract: This paper presents results of combined 3D computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis and 1D integral analysis of water flow in hydraulic systems. CFD analysis is based on solution of Navier-Stokes equations for incompressible flows using a finite-volume method (FVM), which requires discretization of space, time and governing equations, leading thus to a relatively large computational effort, but delivering detailed information on various flow properties. Anticipating faster computations, tailored methods for integral 1D analysis of two different problems considered in this paper are also applied. The examples presented include (i) FVM calculation of pressure drops and corresponding friction factors in a helically coiled pipe at different flow regimes, which are compared with the results of relations from literature implemented in the integral model for curved pipes, as well as (ii) the use of another integral model and FVM for calculation of water elevation in a surge tank for which measured data are available.


Year: 2016

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