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Investigation of the Hydrodynamic Pressures on Lock Gates During Earthquakes

Author(s): L. Buldgen; P. Rigo; H. Le Sourne

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Abstract: In seismic areas, the design of lock gates has to be done by accounting for the total hydrodynamic pressure generated by an earthquake. However, doing so is not straightforward because it is required to account for the fluid-structure interaction: the water pressure has an influence on the gate vibrations and vice versa. A solution to circumvent this difficulty is to perform finite element simulations, in which the fluid and the gate have to be modeled. With the recent developments of computational fluid dynamics, it is possible to get accurate numerical results. Unfortunately, such an approach is often time demanding and not always well-suited for lock gate design. Consequently, the aim of this paper is to present a meshless method that allows a rapid prediction of the total hydrodynamic pressure applied on a plane lock gate during earthquakes. These analytical developments are then compared with numerical simulations.


Year: 2016

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