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Supercritical Flow Around an Emerged Obstacle: Hydraulic Jump or Wall-Jet-Like Bow-Wave?

Author(s): G. Vouaillat; N. Riviere; G. Launay; E. Mignot

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Abstract: When an impervious, emerged, bluff obstacle is placed within a supercritical flow, it forces the flow to skirt it. The workaround can take two distinctive forms. A first one is the “detached hydraulic jump” , similar to the detached shock waves that form upstream of bluff bodies in supersonic flows. A second form of workaround is the so-called “wall-jet-like bow-wave” , which is in fact more commonly encountered in the field around bridge piers within supercritical rivers. In this case, the workaround is directed upwards instead of laterally. The present work, through laboratory experiments, details the two forms–jump and wall-jet–and focuses on the conditions of appearance of one form or another, in terms of dimensionless parameters.


Year: 2016

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