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Relation Between Free Surface Profiles and Pressure Profiles with Respective Fluctuations in Hydraulic Jumps

Author(s): J. D. Nobrega; H. E. Schulz; M. G. Marques

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Abstract: Because the hydraulic jump is a dissipative singularity, it is used to dissipate energy for example in stilling basins downstream of spillways. On the other hand, concerns about stilling basins are the possibility of cavitation and uplift of baffle blocks, which are mainly related to pressure fluctuations, and the water depths along the hydraulic jump, relevant for the design of the walls of the stilling basins. Interestingly, pressure fluctuations and depth fluctuations are caused by the same turbulence in the roller. So, both phenomena may present similar behaviors for the statistical properties. This paper analyzes instantaneous water depth data, measured using ultrasonic sensors, for inflow Froude numbers from 2.8 to 5.3. Statistical parameters of the water depth data were obtained and compared to data of pressure fluctuations found in the literature. As expected, it is shown that there are similarities between the behavior of both phenomena.


Year: 2016

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