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Determination of Discharge Coefficient of Triangular Labyrinth Side Weirs with One and Two Cycles Using the Nonlinear PLS Method

Author(s): M. A. Nekooie; A. Parvaneh; A. Kabiri-Samani

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Abstract: Side weirs are hydraulic control structures widely used in irrigation, drainage networks and waste water treatment plants. These structures can be used for adjusting and diverting of flow with minimum energy loss. In spite of many studies were carried out on rectangular side weirs, the studies on oblique and labyrinth side weirs are scarce. In this study, based on the experimental data from more than 210 laboratory tests and through using the multivariable nonlinear partial least square (PLS) method, two nonlinear equations are presented for discharge coefficient CMof triangular labyrinth side weirs with one and two cycles. The obtained empirical equations relating CMwith the relevant geometric and hydraulic dimensionless parameters L'/B, L'/L, Fr 1 /sin (δ/2) and p·sin (δ/2) / (h 1 -p) in a rectangular open channel. Comparison between results of the new presented equations and the measured data shows that the proposed empirical equations can predict the discharge of diverted flow over side weirs with good accuracy.


Year: 2016

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