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Grid Coarsening and Uncertainty in 2D Hydrodynamic Modelling

Author(s): V. Bellos; G. Tsakiris

Linked Author(s): Vasilis Bellos

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Abstract: The aim of the paper is to study the impact of grid coarsening on the water depths produced by2D hydrodynamic simulation for both steady and dynamic evolution states. For the numerical simulation, the hydrodynamic model called FLOW-R2D is used. Initially, the model is tested against the uncertainty introduced to the numerical results in a steady state scenario (hydraulic jump). Extending the uncertainty analysis to the dynamic state, an experimental test is employed in which the flood wave, created by a dam break, is propagated through a wide channel with a horizontal bed. In both of these scenaria, three grid sizes are generated and compared. For the uncertainty quantification, a grid convergence study is performed, using the Grid Convergence Index. It is concluded that according to the grid convergence testing of the model in the steady state, there is no significant impact of the cell size on the produced water depths. On the contrary, the numerical results seem to be affected from the cell size in the dynamic evolution phenomenon, as the flood wave propagation.


Year: 2016

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