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Uncertainty Assessment of River Water Levels on Energy Head Loss Through Hydraulic Control Structures

Author(s): P. Meert; F. Pereira; P. Willems

Linked Author(s): Fernando Pereira, Patrick Willems

Keywords: No keywords

Abstract: Detailed hydrodynamic models that solve the full de Saint-Venant equations provide a powerful tool to investigate the impact of man-made interactions, like sluices and weirs, in the river system. To model these hydraulic structures in hydrodynamic models, two types of parameters have to be provided: the geometric properties of the structures and a number of coefficients that are used in the discharge calculation schemes. The latter are quite hard to quantify and default values are often used. In this paper, a sensitivity analysis was performed to investigate how the simulation results are affected by these parameter values. In order to reduce calculation times, a conceptual reservoir-type model was set-up. This surrogate conceptual model was calibrated to the full hydrodynamic model of the river and shows only minor loss of accuracy, compared to the detailed model. The parameter values of six new adjustable hydraulic structures in the river Dender, in Belgium, and their influence on the water levels in the river and the surrounding floodplains were investigated.


Year: 2016

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