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Integrated Assessment of Underground Pumped-Storage Facilities Using Existing Coal Mine Infrastructure

Author(s): R. Alvarado Montero; T. Wortberg; J. Binias; A. Niemann

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Abstract: The network of tunnels in the Prosper-Haniel mine located in the Ruhr region in Germany has been analyzed as a possible lower storage for the development of a pumped-storage project. These tunnels can hold approximately 600,000 m 3 at depths that range between 600 and 1000 m. The conditions make it a suitable location to store large amounts of energy (up to 1700 MW-h) for short periods of time, which contributes to balance the regional energy grid. Despite the potential of this existing network of tunnels, the future underground water levels will compromise its use, and therefore alternative options to excavate a new storage structure have been proposed. This paper describes the most relevant hydraulic aspects for developing the project, considering construction, geotechnical, geological, and energy market restrictions. An overview of the most relevant conclusions reached during the assessment of Prosper-Haniel mine are presented and a set of recommendations is provided for future assessments of underground pumped-storage facilities based on the experience gained during this research.


Year: 2016

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