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Author(s): Angelos N. Findikakis; Dragan Savic

Linked Author(s): Angelos Findikakis, Dragan Savic

Keywords: Hydrolink; Artificial Intelligence (AI); hydroinformatics; water management; water distribution; wastewater; pipe systems; robots; digital twins; Artificial Neural Networks (ANN); Valencia Metropolitan Area


Last year Hydrolink published four articles on applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in water management and hydroenvironment problems. The present issue includes four more articles that illustrate the great potential of AI methods and techniques to improve the design, performance, and maintenance of water systems.

During the last thirty years we have seen not only significant developments in the methods and technologies that fall under the general umbrella of AI, but also a change in the attitudes of the hydro-environment community towards the use of these methods and tools. What was initial scepticism about the value of AI in solving water management and other hydraulic problems, evolved in few years into full embracement of these methods and vigorous exploration of their potential by both water managers, academics and others. The article by Babovic et al. chronicles the use of different AI methods and tools by the IAHR community over the years and provides some thoughts on the way forward.


Year: 2021

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