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Effect of Air Migration on Volatile Contaminant Concentration in Subsurface Environment

Author(s): N. Egusa; T. Hirata; K. Fukuura; T. Matsushita

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Keywords: Groundwater contamination; Volatile substance; Remediation technology; Insitu air sparging; Short-term pilot test

Abstract: The in-situ air sparging technology devised to facilitate contaminant volatilization and to shorten a remediation period with air injected into groundwater, was applied to the site contaminated with volatile substances like tetrachloroethylene, toluene etc. In this site, the short-term pilot test for air sparging was carried out to examine the migration of injected air in groundwater, the radius-of-influence of injected air and the change of contaminant concentration. The result showed that injected air flowed smoothly and parabolically around the injection well in groundwater and the radius-of-influence was about 5 m at groundwater table. In addition, contaminant concentration declined in some monitoring wells which are placed within the radius-of-influence.


Year: 1999

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