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Retention and Relative Permeability Relations of Immiscible Fluids Based on Pressure Cell Data

Author(s): J. H. Dane; M. Jalbert

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Keywords: Capillary pressure-saturation; Brooks-Corey relation; Van Genuchtenrelation; Dense aqueous phase liquids; Porous media; Wetting fluids; Non-wetting fluids

Abstract: The capillary pressure head-volumetric fluid content relation, defined at a physical point, is of widespread interest for the prediction of multiphase fluid flow. The use of a pressure cell, a common procedure to determine this relation, yields inaccurate results for certain combinations of multiphase fluids and porous media (Dane et al., 1992). A computational scheme was recently developed by Liu and Dane (1995a, b) to overcome this inaccuracy. In this paper we will examine examples of differences between capillary pressure head-volumetric fluid content relations calculated in the traditional manner and by the method of Liu and Dane (1995a). We will also examine their effect on the prediction of the relative permeability relations.


Year: 1999

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