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Hydrogeological Calculation of Spouting Wells

Author(s): Nver L. Melikyan

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Abstract: In the paper is considered the problem of hydrogeological calculation of spouting wells operating under the springy forces of artesian water-bearing layer. A mathematical simulation procedure is given for operating spouting wells on network models. The obtained formula (7) is proposed as a result of generalised problem solution by this method for a single spouting well, which is giving an opportunity to determine the discharge in the start of the well operation as well as to forecast its further decreasing in a time. In the paper is considered also the redistribution of a piezometric pressure head in a water-bearing layer at the acting of the spouting well. Also are obtained formulas (15) and (16) as similar series for the determination of reduction of a pressure accordingly in any point of water-bearing horizon and in the well at any moment of time. The checking of the offered formulas by actual observations and measurements of the spouting wells in the Ararat valley of Armenia, as well as model investigations on the hydrointegrator permit to propose them for using, in designing and operation process of spouting wells.


Year: 1999

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