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Hydrogeological Approach to Design an Active Groundwater Quality Monitoring System

Author(s): Mladenka Rasula; Goran Rasula

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Keywords: Quality monitoring; Hydrogeology; Protection; Groundwater; Ecology

Abstract: At present, protection and preservation of groundwater quality represent an outstanding environmental, socio-economic, social welfare and political task, not only from the water supply aspect, but also for the purpose of preventing further environmental deterioration. Previous experiences related to groundwater pollution show that it occurs mainly due to human negligence and incidents, disposal and spillage of harmful and toxic substances in transport corridors, release of untreated waste waters into surface water streams (industry) or due to uncontrolled use of protective chemicals in agricultural areas (agro-complex). It is known that expenses for preventive measures are 10 to 20 times lower than funds for investigations and treatment of polluted groundwater. Therefore, the first step in a rational approach to this problem should be to create an active groundwater quality monitoring system in the wide zones of all the existing and potential water springs, in the zones of big industrial facilities, spoil areas, petrol stations, storehouses for noxious and dangerous substances, and especially in prospective hydrogeological zones crossing or touching transport communications (roads, railway, gas, oil pipelines, etc). This paper contains an example from our experience, a concept and methodology of hydrogeological investigations needed to establish a pilot monitoring system for the groundwater quality regime in the background of the Belgrade water source and protect it against active and potential pollution from the direction of" Makis-Belgrade" marshalling yard.


Year: 1999

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