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Second-Order FDS Scheme on Adaptive Grid for 1-D Transient Flows with Control Structures

Author(s): Akhilesh Kumar Jha; Juichiro Akiyama; Masaru Ura

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Keywords: Unsteady flow; Mathematical modeling; Flux-difference splitting; Shock-resolution; Varying grid; Hydraulic structures

Abstract: The second-order accurate flux difference splitting scheme based on Lax-Wendroff numerical flux is implemented on a self-adjusting grid for solving one-dimensional transient free surface flows. The finite-difference grid adjusts itself by averaging the local characteristic velocities with respect to the signal amplitude. This grid adjusting procedure, developed by Harten and Hyman, further enhances shock-resolution of the second-order scheme. The Roe’s approximate Jacobian is used for conservation and consistency while theoretically sound treatment for satisfying entropy inequality condition ensures physically realistic solutions. Improvement in resolution of discontinuities by the self-adjusting grid is examined through numerical examples. The numerical results are verified against analytical and experimental results. The model’s capability to simulate presence and operation of is investigated through some exacting problems.


Year: 1999

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