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Graded Sediment Transport at Limit Deposition in Clean Pipe Channel

Author(s): Jose Junji Ota; Chandramouli Nalluri

Linked Author(s): Jose Junji Ota

Keywords: Graded sediment; Limit deposition; Sediment transport; Sewers

Abstract: Although it is known that sediments in sewers are not uniform in size, most of empirical studies were carried out only with uniform materials. An extensive study on the effect of particle size on sediment transport processes has been carried out at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne-UK and this paper focuses on graded sediment transport at limit deposition in clean pipe channel, i. e., the maximum sediment rate that a flow can transport without any deposition. Analysis of the existing equations and a new series of 24 tests with uniform material showed that the larger the sediment size the higher the transport rate is. Further some 20 tests with different mixes with the same median diameter d50were carried out and the results showed that the presence of gradation augments the transport rates with the geometric standard deviation of the size distribution.


Year: 1999

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