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Numerical Study of Forcing Mechanisms in Oscillatory Sheet Flows

Author(s): Kefeng Zhang; Ping Dong

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Keywords: Two-phase flow; Sheet flow; Momentum transfer; Turbulent stress; Intergranular stress

Abstract: In this paper, a detailed analysis of the stresses in the oscillatory sheet flow layer is carried out using a complete two-phase flow model. The stresses considered include the intergranular stress and the turbulent stress, both of which are believed to have significant influences on the momentum transfer in the sheet layer. Also, the various forcing terms exerted on both fluid and sediment phases are analysed. It was found that the stresses play different roles in different regions for momentum transfer and the sediment motions. In the region with high concentration the pressure gradient is balanced by the interaction force for fluid phase and the force caused by intergranular action is balanced by the interaction force and the pressure gradient for sediment phase. In the region where the concentration varies significantly the forces caused by turbulence and intergranular action are identified the major sources for the movements of fluid and sediment.


Year: 1999

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