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Noncohesive Embankment Failure Due to Overtopping Flow

Author(s): D. P. Andrews; S. E. Coleman; M. G. Webby; B. W. Melville; Stephen Coleman

Linked Author(s): Bruce W. Melville

Keywords: Embankment breach; Breach development; Breach profile; Breach shape; Breach discharge; Noncohesive fill

Abstract: Experimental work carried out on scale-model homogeneous embankments constructed from noncohesive sediments is presented. From observations and measurements made during the series of experiments, several distinct phases of breach development are identified. An expression for the length characterising the development of the longitudinal profile of an embankment breach is presented. The general shape of the breach channel cross-section is found to be parabolic and a method of predicting the evolution of this shape as the breach develops is presented. Discharge through an embankment breach as the breach develops is quantified as functions of both the head on the breach crest and also the free-surface width of the flow at the embankment crest.


Year: 1999

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