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Storage-Yield Curves with Inflows from a Diversion Channel

Author(s): Pierluigi Claps

Linked Author(s): Claps Pierluigi

Keywords: Reservoirs; Diversion channels; Storage-yield curve; Probabilistic methods

Abstract: Probabilistic analytical methods for building storage-yield curves provide reliable preliminary design condition for new reservoirs and assessment of performances of existing ones. This paper is concerned with the evaluation of storage-yield curves of reservoirs when additional inflows from a diversion channel are available. This result is achieved through connection of two probabilistic methods based on the deficit analysis. The first, proposed by Rasulo and Rossi (1980), allows one to build carryover storage-yield curves based on the frequency analysis of average volumes in a variable number k of consecutive years. The second method, by Claps et al. (1996), provides an analogous information in terms of probabilistic analysis of volumes transferred annually from a channel of given design discharge. Deficits are then related to the sum of inflow volumes available with given non-exceedance probability. The part of the storage-yield curve related to the deficits in the dry season is also evaluated, through the analysis of deficits related to the seasonal runoff. Consideration of this part of the curve required to assess the performance of the diversion channel in terms of transfer of volumes in the dry season. The procedure was applied to an existing water resources system in Basilicata (Italy).


Year: 1999

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