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A Two-Dimensional Unstructured Solution Algorithm Applied to the Simulation of Dam-Break Waves

Author(s): P. Andrew Sleigh; Philip H. Gaskell

Linked Author(s): Andrew Sleigh


Abstract: A numerical algorithm is presented for the solution of geometrically challenging twodimensional river flows. It is capable of simulating smooth and discontinuous transient flow conditions on complex shaped domains with complex topography. The solution algorithm possesses the following properties: ·Is centred on the conservative form of the shallow water equations. ·Employs a finite volume formulation on unstructured triangular meshes; ·Uses an approximate Riemann solver to calculate the convective fluxes together with an associated flux limiter that is monotonicity preserving. ·Makes use of second order spatial and temporal discretisation. ·Embodies the scope for automatic spatial and temporal error control. ·Has the flexibility to specify general boundary conditions The algorithm is applied to the problem of modelling a dam-break wave down a laboratory channel. Results are presented and compared with experimental measurements. The numerical solutions are shown to simulate the passages of the wave with good accuracy.


Year: 1999

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