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Numerical and Physical Modelling of Landslide Generated Dam Overspill and Downstream Valley Flooding

Author(s): Milan Danek

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Abstract: Dangerous landslide threat on one of the Czech dam-lakes led to complex research of possible consequences. First the surface wave development on lake has been investigated by physical and numerical modelling. A numerical two-dimensional model with a continuous surface boundary movement was developped yielding results perfectly corresponding to physical model. The numerical approach enabled rapid factor analysis of such effects as initial lake water level or landslide location, volume, shape, speed and length of run. Dam overspill was found inevitable in a very rare coincidence of factor values. These and the resulting overspill volume/time parameters served as input for research of the downstream valley flood. Physical model of dam and valley including computer controlled wave generation, spillway and safety valve operation was built and a numerical solution attempted. The numerical model of flow in valley failed due to complex nature of flow. Physical model results are used to define safety measures in valley.


Year: 1999

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