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Gate Lip Hydraulics

Author(s): B. T. A. Sagar

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Abstract: Gate lip angle is defined as the angle whose tangent is given by the ratio of vertical distance as measured between the gate bottom edge (skinplate bottom edge) and the bottom edge of gate bottom beam, to the depth or thickness of gate (depth of gate as measured from the upstream face of gate bottom beam to the upstream edge of skinplate bottom. Gate lip angle has a profound influence on (a) gate vibrations, (b) cavitation of the gate members, and (c) downpull. The paper provides guidelines for lip angles, especially when modifying old gates. Historically, the laboratory experiments addressed all three problems with predominant preoccupation on evaluating downpull forces and minimizing downpull. The writer points out that, in general, the lip angles required to minimize vibrations and cavitation are much less than required for substantial reduction in downpull forces.


Year: 1999

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