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Flume Notes on Sediment Transport and Boil Formation in Ice-Covered Channels

Author(s): Robert Ettema; Marian Muste; Stephen Coleman

Linked Author(s): Marian Muste, Robert Ettema

Keywords: Sediment transport; Ice; Flume experiments; Turbulence structures; Boils

Abstract: Briefly presented herein are the tentative findings of two laboratory flume studies concerning ice-cover influence on sediment-transport rates. One study produced data showing that cover presence and increasing roughness of cover underside reduced total rate of sediment transport, but the relative amount of suspended load increased. The second study was conducted to reveal how cover presence affects large-scale turbulence structures generated by bedforms, and whether those effects might help explain the suspended-load finding. It was found that cover presence seemed indeed to envigorate boil development.


Year: 1999

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